Andromeda (mythology)

In Traditional mythology, Andromeda will be the daughter of the Aethiopian king Cepheus magnificent wife Cassiopeia. While Cassiopeia’s hubris qualified prospects her to include that Andromeda is somewhat more beautiful than the Nereids, Poseidon, influenced simply by Hades, sends a lot monster, Cetus, to be able to ravage Aethiopia since divine punishment. Andromeda is stripped and also chained naked into a rock as a give up to sate the particular monster, but will be saved from dying by Perseus.


The woman name is the Latinized form of the Traditional Ἀνδρομέδα (Androméda) or perhaps Ἀνδρομέδη (Andromédē): “ruler of men”, coming from ἀνήρ, ἀνδρός (anēr, andrós) “man”, and also medon, “ruler”.

As being a subject, Andromeda have been popular in skill since classical periods; it is one of several Traditional myths of a Traditional hero’s rescue in the intended victim of your archaic hieros gamos (sacred marriage), offering rise to the “princess and dragon” theme. From the Renaissance, curiosity revived in the authentic story, typically since derived from Ovid’s consideration.

In Greek mythology, Andromeda was the girl of Cepheus and also Cassiopeia, king and also queen of the Northern African kingdom regarding Aethiopia.

Her mommy Cassiopeia boasted that will her daughter has been more beautiful compared to the Nereids, the nymph-daughters of the sea the almighty Nereus and often noticed accompanying Poseidon. To be able to punish the princess or queen for her arrogance, Poseidon, brother to Zeus and god in the sea, sent a lot monster named Cetus to ravage the particular coast of Aethiopia including the kingdom in the vain queen. The particular desperate king conferred with the Oracle regarding Apollo, who released that no respite would be found before the king sacrificed his or her daughter, Andromeda, for the monster. Stripped undressed, she was chained to a rock around the coast.

Museo_Nazionale_Napoli_PerseusPerseus has been returning from possessing slain the Gorgon Medusa. After he or she happened upon the particular chained Andromeda, he or she approached Cetus although invisible (for having been wearing Hades’s helm), and killed the ocean monster. He established Andromeda free, and also married her despite her having been earlier promised to her dad Phineus. At the marriage a quarrel occurred between the rivals and also Phineus was ventured into stone by the perception of the Gorgon’s brain.

Andromeda followed the woman husband, first to be able to his native isle of Serifos, just where he rescued his or her mother Danaë, and after that to Tiryns inside Argos. Together, they will became the ancestors and forefathers of the family of the particular Perseidae through the brand of their son Verts. Perseus and Andromeda had seven daughters: Perses, Alcaeus, Heleus, Mestor, Sthenelus, Electryon, and Cynurus and also two daughters, Autochthe and Gorgophone. Their particular descendants ruled Mycenae from Electryon to Eurystheus, after to whom Atreus attained the dominion, and would have the great hero Heracles. According to this mythology, Perseus is the antecedent, ascendant, ascendent, of the Persians.

On the port city of Jaffa (today part of Tel Aviv) an outcrop of rocks nearby the harbour has been from the place of Andromeda’s chaining and rescue from the traveler Pausanias, the particular geographer Strabo as well as the historian of the Jews Josephus.

After Andromeda’s death, as Euripides had promised Athena at the end of his Andromeda, produced in 412 BCE the goddess put her among the groupe in the northern heavens, near Perseus and also Cassiopeia; the groupe Andromeda, so identified since antiquity, is known as after her.

Perseus and Andromeda inside art

Sophocles and also Euripides (and much more modern times, Corneille) produced the story the subject of tragedies, and its incidents have been represented in numerous old works of art, including Traditional vases. Jean-Baptiste Lully’s opera, Persée, furthermore dramatizes the myth.


Andromeda has been the subject of several ancient and modern day works of art, which generally show the moment regarding rescue, with Andromeda usually still chained, and often naked or perhaps nearly so. These include: one of Titian’s poesies (Wallace Collection), and also compositions by Joachim Wtewael (Louvre), Veronese (Rennes), many editions by Rubens, Ingres, and Gustave Moreau. From the Renaissance forward the chained bare figure of Andromeda typically was the middle of interest. Rembrandt’s Andromeda Chained to the Rubble is unusual inside showing her alone, fearfully awaiting the creature.


In 1973, an animated motion picture called Perseus (20 minutes) was made inside the Soviet Union within Soviet Union super-hero film collection named Legends and mуths of Ancient A holiday in greece.

The 1981 motion picture Clash of the Titans retells the story regarding Perseus, Andromeda, and also Cassiopeia, but really makes a few changes (notably Cassiopeia boasts that will her daughter is somewhat more beautiful than Thetis as opposed to the Nereids as being a group). Thetis has been indeed a Nereid and also the future mommy of Achilles. Andromeda and Perseus meet up with and fall in adore after he will save you her soul from your enslavement of Thetis’ son, Calibos, whilst in the myth, his or her meet as Perseus returns home coming from having slain Medusa. In the film, the particular monster is called any kraken, although it will be depicted as a lizard-like creature rather than a squid; and combining a couple of elements of the myth, Perseus defeats the sea creature by showing that Medusa’s face, converting the monster directly into stone. Andromeda will be depicted as being strong-minded and independent, whilst in the stories she’s only really described as being the princess to whom Perseus saves from your sea monster. Andromeda was portrayed simply by Judi Bowker in this particular film.

Andromeda furthermore features in the the year of 2010 film Clash in the Titans, a rebuilding of the 1981 model. Several changes were created in regard to the myth, that include that Perseus could not marry Andromeda following he rescued the woman from the sea creature. Andromeda was pictured by Alexa Davalos. The character was played out by Rosamund Pike in the sequel Wrath of the Titans, the next of a planned trilogy. In the end of the continued, Perseus and Andromeda begin a relationship.

Inside the Japanese anime St . Seiya the character, Avoid, represents the Andromeda constellation using restaurants as his major weapons, reminiscent of Andromeda being chained just before she was rescued by Perseus. So that you can attain the Andromeda Cloth, he was chained between two huge pillars of rock and roll and he had to get over the chains ahead of the tide came in and also killed him, furthermore reminiscent of this fantasy.

Andromeda appears inside Disney’s Hercules: The particular Animated Series as being a new student regarding “Prometheus Academy” which usually Hercules and other character types from Greek mythology attend. In The Marine of Monsters, the next book in the Percy Jackson & the particular Olympians series, any cruise ship which is living space for Kronos’s army called The Princess or queen Andromeda is named following her.

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